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The Gift of Generosity at Hexthorpe Primary

At school we have been overwhelmed with donations in run up to Christmas… and beyond!!

“If you can spare we can wear” is the slogan from children at Hexthorpe Primary that has sparked a deluge of kindness and generosity from staff, local residents, families and the wider Doncaster community.

Since the poster was publicised via social media the school has been inundated with: clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletries, toys and food which has been kindly provided by many anonymous individuals.

Mrs Garbett, the school’s Pastoral Lead, who originally came up with the idea said:

“We know that lots of families have times when they struggle with having some of the basics. This is a sad state of affairs in the 21st century and something that we believe we can support our community with, hence the poster asking for any donations.”

The poster has been a huge hit, leading to a stream of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter messages, resulting in Hexthorpe Primary receiving anonymous donations:

  • a mother and daughter bought large sacks of brand new toys to give to children
  • one family spent up to £80 on groceries
  • another donor has spent over £1,000 on gift cards to support families in need

So far the school has been able to provide shoes, coats, jumpers, baby clothes, cots, toiletries and food, plus many other items to the families with the greatest need.

The Principal Mrs Parker-Watts said:

“The families are so grateful for this unprecedented support, it is something that the we hope to continue to build upon.  As a school we believe that a core purpose of our work is to support the child and their family.

“The staff have been deeply touched by the care, and generosity shown by complete strangers to our community. On behalf of the families supported in this way – thank you.”


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