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At Hexthorpe, our mathematics curriculum is built around the ARC Maths Mastery Dimension of Depths of Conceptual understanding, mathematical thinking and language development. These dimensions allow us to develop Hexthorpe mathematicians, who can show curiosity and are able to investigate mathematical ideas and concepts, have the tenacity to explore multiple solutions and throughout their mathematical journey are able to articulate their thinking. We want our mathematicians to achieve highly and be excited by their improving skills and learning. Our mathematics curriculum also supports learning in other curriculum areas such as Design Technology, Computing and Science, promotes the relevant of maths in everyday life and encourages children to think like mathematician and perhaps study the subject to a high level and pursue careers within the field of mathematics.


In order to successfully implement the National Curriculum, build varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning and develop brilliant mathematicians we use the ARC Maths Mastery. This resourced programme of study is based around what current research has proven is effective practice in maths. Each lesson includes; prior learning, new learning, developing learning/talk task, independent practise and a plenary. In the majority of lessons concrete resources and pictorial representations are used to develop conceptual understanding. Key vocabulary (star words) are taught in every lesson and the expectation is this language will be used during the lesson and pupils will always speak in full sentences. These lessons occur daily and in addition to this we promote the development of fluency in multiplication tables through ‘Diamond Dash’ and competition. Also, there are pure arithmetic lessons each day in Y5 & 6, to ensure fluency enables children to retrieve key mathematical fact and to support reasoning and problem solving in other lessons. In addition to this, all classes have three maths meetings per week.


The impact of this, well-rounded and carefully sequenced mathematics curriculum will be: all children being confident and curious mathematicians, who learn through reasoning, asking questions and testing projectors, as well as working methodically and with tenacity. They will have brilliant retrieval skills in fluency which will support their reasoning and problem-solving skills. They will talk like mathematicians and be able to explain their mathematical thinking. Hexthorpe aims to produce mathematicians who securely understand the keys concepts in maths, have the mathematical skills that prepare them to succeed at the next stage of their educational journey and can succeed at an age-appropriate level. They will see maths as both fun and relevant.

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