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Curriculum Statement

At Hexthorpe Primary Academy we teach foundation subjects through four creative themes each year. They begin with a Brilliant beginning, where children discuss their new theme with their class teacher and are then given different home learning activities to choose from and share in class. The children then begin their theme with a Sparking start such as an educational visit, an experience or a class based activity.  At the end of the theme children celebrate with a Fabulous finish, which could be anything from a concert for parents, a parent workshop and educational visit or a completed piece of work or project.

 Most lessons are taught using a cross-curricular approach, where areas of learning are linked so that children are motivated to learn and develop their transferable skills across lessons ready for everyday life. Other subjects such as science, PE, MFL and Re are usually taught discretely focusing on specific key skills.

We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to provide for varied abilities. This encompasses a variety of exciting, first-hand experiences to enable children to acquire appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding preparing them for today’s world.

The framework for the children’s learning is provided by the National Curriculum which sets out the core subjects of Maths, English and Science along with ICT, PE, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Religious Education and MFL. We also teach Citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education attaching great importance to the development of social skills. The curriculum encourages children to develop self-discipline and responsibility and to work collaboratively with others.

Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Assessment

Curriculum Assessment Leaflet

Information for Parents – Assessment Results at the end of Key Stage 1

Information for Parents – Assessment Results at the end of Key Stage 2

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