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Academy Policies Page

For Trust Policies, Financial & Trust Governance Information, please click here.

Accessibility plan

Acceptable Use Policy/ Rules for Responsible Internet use

Admissions Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Best Practice Guidance

Calculation Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints Policy (Trust)

Covid Code of Conduct

COVID19 Additional Information for SEND Information Report

Data Protection Policy

Equality Policy 

Equality Objectives

Exclusion Policy

Exclusion Policy COVID additional information 

Expected Behaviour of Visitors Policy

First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy Appendix 1

Health and Safety Policy

Hexi-Kids Policy

Home Visits Policy

Inclusion Policy

Information for Parents of Children with SEND

Intimate Care Policy – Foundation Stage

Intimate Care Policy – COVID19 Update

Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy

Managing Medicines in School Policy

Online Safety

Privacy Notice for Pupils

Privacy Notice for Adults

Remote Learning

Safeguarding Policy

SEND, Inclusion & Equality Information

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Who to speak to if you have good news, worries or concerns

Information on Pupil Premium & Sports Funding can now be found by navigating to the drop down from the ‘Parents’ tab alternatively click here.

If, as a parent of a pupil of our Academy you require a paper copy of the information on this website, our school office will provide you with one.

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